NERBO Lithium batteries are a modern and reliable power source, ideal for deep discharge cycles, even 100% DOD, as well as for stand-by operation with a designed lifetime of 15 years. Long service life, safe use and a wide range of operating conditions make the LFP technology one of the most reliable.
NERBO Lithium batteries
battery monitoring and management system
(Battery Management System)
radio communication module 2,4GHz
built-in cell heating system
(HEAT function)
Features of NERBO Lithium:
  • built-in advanced battery management and supervision system
  • BMS (Battery Management System), ensuring continuous voltage, current and temperature control,
  • much longer cycle life (up to 3500 cycles) compared to lead-acid technology,
  • especially for deep discharges for which lead-acid technology reaches 300 cycles (or less),
  • high energy density with relatively low weight,
  • low self-discharge, low internal resistance,
  • wide temperature range of operation, also for full cycles (discharge from -20°C to + 60°C;
  • charge from 0°C to +45°C),
  • interchangeable with 12V series of lead-acid batteries,
  • stable operating voltage in a wide range of loads,
  • possibility of parallel connection up to 4P (capacity increase),
  • completely maintenance-free, no ventilation required.
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